Where possibility and opportunity come together.

In order to remain vital and productive in our lives we must continue to GROW. William S. Burroughs once said: “When you stop growing, you start dying.” When we decide that it is time for something new and something different for our lives where can we turn?

Here at Grow-Within: the center for personal discovery, we offer experiential workshops designed to have you overcome self-defeating behaviors and thought patterns and replace them with empowering skills for effective living.

We also offer a variety of seminars, classes, meetings, and cultural events that focus on parenting, relationships, mind/body/spirit activities that make up a diverse and exciting menu of personal growth and development.

Grow-Within is here to support you in “what’s next” for you and your vision for your life. Prior to embarking on your Journey to Awareness we ask you to start designing your own blueprints for the VISION you want for your life:

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