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Looking to Improve Your Career, Finance, and Education?

Our classes are designed to remove self-imposed barriers to learning, financial freedom, and career advancement.

Having trouble with depression, anxiety, diet, exercise, or general well-being?

Our classes will empower you to improve the habits that influence the health of your mind, body, and spirit.  

Could Your Relationships Use Some Mending?

Through our workshops of self-discovery, you’ll find out how to get closer to the people most important to you.

When Was the Last Time You Contributed to the People and Community Around You?

 At Grow-Within, we believe that by helping others get what they want, you get what you want. 

Grow-Within: Where possibility and opportunity come together.

Grow-Within is here to support you in” what’s next” for you and your vision for your life.

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Praise From Our Students

My life has changed a lot. First I only look at the positive things. I spent a lot of time concentrating on the negative that I was never happy. I didn’t love my self. I always listened to what others said about me. Now I don’t care what they say. Being open honest and vulnerable has helped me a lot.

Joseph S.

I had high expectations.  This experience has far exceeded my expectations.  Every aspect of my life has been enhanced. I think of myself as a very content and well-grounded person and now, wow, that happiness has been significantly magnified.

Kevin H.

I’m way more in touch with my intuition and my abilities. I’ve learned not to clean up and fix everyone else’s problems but rather work on my own first and get healthier and stronger and improve.

Jude S.

To put into a few sentences my experience of this work.. I would say the most important is remembering ME…I matter…I make a difference…I am a Lovable Important Connected Leader and not a follower. A close second is the restoration of my marriage.. We are like honeymooners after 30 years…our relationship is so much closer.

Shonda R.

Wow, how has my life has changed? I walked into that room believing the lies I had told myself about not deserving the life of my dreams. I was living a victim story that I was unaware of. Today, I am willing to be wrong about those lies and be the real me.

Shanna M.

Meet the Coaches

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Carlos Velazquez

Owner, Grow-Within

  • Life Coach
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Personal Growth Facilitator
  • Leadership Program Instructor/Coordinator
  • ROPES Course Facilitator
  • RCB Certified Parent Instructor (International Network for Children & Families
  • Certified Master Family Team Coach (Family Team Institute)
  • Certified Corporate Trainer, RCA (Redirecting Corporate America)
  • Studied with Global Relationship Centers
  • Previous Partner at TMC Productions 2005-2016

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